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High Density High Power High CRI Multi-color RGBW/RGBA 4 In 1 Led Flexible Led Strip For Flim/TV

High brightness Epistar 4 in 1 5050 RGBW/RGBA smd led as light source. Thick 4 OZ copper PCB enables sufficient heat dissipation. 12V/24V 60leds/m, 72leds/m, 84led/m 96leds/m are available. Ra80/Ra90 for the White color is available. OEM/ODM is welcomed. PCB width/ working voltage/ LED quantity all can be customized.

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Shenzhen Glu Lighting design and manufacture innovative high CRI high quality LED lighting products for years, anwe strive to be an industry leader in High CRI, Consistent Color Temperatures LED technology. We design, develop and distribute LED products that are designed specifically for film, cinema, television, and anywhere high quality lighting is required. This RGBA/RGBW 4 in 1 led strip is ideal for film/ TV industry application.

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High density high power high CRI multi-color RGBW/RGBA 4 in 1 led flexible led strip for flim/TV

1. Unique R/G/B/W 4 in one LED
2. High CRI for W/WW

3. Genuine Epistar chip as light source

4. Good uniformity when mixing white color

5. 60leds/m, 72leds/m, 84leds/m as well as 96leds/m are available.

This series is also available in RGBA version, 60leds/m, 72leds/m, 84leds/m and 96leds/m version are available to meet client's various application.



High density high power high CRI multi-color RGBW/RGBA 4 in 1 led flexible led strip for flim/TV

1. Unique LED source:we use unique Red/Green/blue/white in one LED as light source.
2. Double-faced soft FPC with thicker copper layer.
3. Flexible in length suitable for different applications.
4. DC24V with 12mm PCB width.

5.By using special 4 channel controller can achieve different lighting effect;

6. Environmental friendly: complied with CE and RoHS standard without harmful substance, such as lead or Mercury etc.
7. 3 Years warranty.





For Flexible Strips, they can be used as edge light, cove light, furniture light, sign light, backlighting for AdWords, lighting box etc., and widely used as decorative lighting for building outline, sidestep, exhibition stand, hotel, KTV, club etc. And also DIY Light for household use.





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