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OEM Customized Led Strip R1-R15 All Value Above 90 Ra95 2835 W/WW Bi-color Flex Led Tape

GLU Lighting dedicated in High CRI led strip, High CRI Series include Ra97/Ra95 ( R1-R15 above Ra90) and Ra90, Both Single color and Bi-color are available. We offer wide CCT range from 2000K-6500K to meet different requirement, different density such as 84 leds/m ,120 leds/m, 168 leds/m, 240 leds/m, 280 leds/m and 560 leds/m are available

Product Details

OEM customized led strip R1-R15 all value above 90 Ra95 2835 W/WW Bi-color Flex led tape

1. High CRI: Ra97/Ra95 , R1 - R 15 all value above 90.
2. 3 year warranty
3. CE, RoHS/ UL

4. 0.2W ultrabright 2835 SMD with Epistar chip as light source

5. Double layer PCB with 2 OZ Cu enables sufficient heat dissipation

6. Ra97 and Ra95 are available for your choice.

7. single color and bi color CCT adjustable version is available.

8. CCT available in 1800K, 2200K, 2400K, 2600k, 2800K, 3000k, 3200K, 3500k, 4000K, 4500k, 5500K, 6000K, 6500k etc.

Superhigh CRI Ra97, R1 - R 15 all value above 90.

China factory 2835 Bi-color led tape with 120 leds/m

Ra95 2835 Dual color led strip for TV lighting


OEM customized led strip R1-R15 all value above 90 Ra95 2835 W/WW Bi-color Flex led tape

1. Great light source: Super 0.2W 2835 SMD LED strip light, top quality Epistar chip 2835 SMD LEDs with high lumen LEDs 22-24lm.
2. Double-faced soft FPC with thicker copper layer.
3. Flexible in length suitable for different applications.
4. Both white and copper PCB available
5. Different colors for choice for different applications: cold white, natural white, warm white for different application.
6. Environmental friendly: complied with CE and RoHS standard without harmful substance, such as lead or Mercury etc.
7. 3 Years warranty.

OEM Product R1-R15 all value above 90 Ra95 2835 W/WW Bi-color Flex led tape

Absolute Maximum Rating at TA=25°C



Absolute Maximum Rating


Forward Current




Forward Voltage




Electrostatic discharge




Operating Temperature




Storage Temperature




Electrical / Optical Characteristics at TA=25°C

Part No.



Lumen Flux



View Angle









Warm White




OEM products Bi-color 2835  led ribbon light

Ra97 W/WW 2835 Bi-color led strip for TV studio

2835 Bi-color led strip with 120 leds/m

China  factory CCT changeable 5630 led ribbon


Waterproof IP67 2835 Bi-color Flex led strip

GLU Lighting Bi-color Led Strip Series:

1. 2835 Bi-color Flex led strip, 60/120 leds per meter( W+WW), 120 leds/m ( 2-in-1)

2. 3014 Bi-color led strip with 240 leds/m, 3014 Sideview W+WW Bi-color with 120 leds/m  3. 5730 Bi-color led strip with 120 leds/m,  5730 Bi-color with 60 leds/m ( 2-in-1)

4. 3527 Bi-color led strip with 120 leds/m ( 2-in-1)

5. 2216 Bi-color led strip with 560 leds/m ( Double row)

 2017  Glu Lighting Featured products:


--3528 smd led: 30leds/m, 60leds/m, 120leds/m, 180leds/m, 240leds/m(single row and double row);

--5050 smd led: 30leds/m, 60leds/m, 90leds/m, 120leds/m(Single row)

--2835 smd led: 30leds/m, 60leds/m, 84leds/m, 120leds/m and 168 leds/m (Double row) Samsung 2835 led strip is available.

--5630 smd led:  60leds/m, 120leds/m (double row), Samsung 5630 is available

--RGBW/Amber  led strip: 4 in one(60/72/84/96leds/m)


--CCT adjustable led strip:  3528 120leds/m, 5050 60leds/m, 2835 60/120 leds/m; 3014 240leds/m; 5630 60led/m and 120 leds/m. side view 3014 120leds/m bi color led strip and so on.

--digital strips WS2811,WS2812,SK6812,APA102 etc.

GLU Light 2017 hot sale led strips.

 CCT adjustable W+WW 2835 led strip



Glu Light factory:


DC24V Bi-color W/WW Flex led strip




Glu Light Led Strip in burning test:



China Factory CRI 97 Bi-color 2835 led strip tape


DC24V High quality CRI 97 cct dimmable led strip


Fully product inspection to make sure each product is perfect before shipment.


Warmly welcome trying our sample to start.


Welcome you to visit our factory at any time!


 Any further questions,pls feel free to contact us! 

GLU Lighting, established in 2011, is one of the leading oem customized led strip r1-r15 all value above 90 ra95 2835 w/ww bi-color flex led tape manufacturers and suppliers in China. Offering you customized service, we warmly welcome you to buy the high quality and beautiful oem customized led strip r1-r15 all value above 90 ra95 2835 w/ww bi-color flex led tape from our factory.
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